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While the pandemic has altered the way in which business is conducted within Federation Housing communities, Marcia Jaffe of the Miriam & Robert M. Rieder Apartment, has not allowed the changes to dull her spirit! Rieder House Service Coordinator Meredith Cohen, describes Marcia as “a pleasure to talk to,” noting that Marcia has always been willing to help her learn since Meredith joined the Federation Housing family back in January.

July’s Resident Spotlight is on Marcia Jaffe, who has lived at Rieder House since 2013. Marcia is an active resident of Federation Housing, attending the lunch program, Golden Slipper GEMS events, and the SOWN (Supportive Older Women’s Network) meetings.

During this pandemic, Marcia has been getting by with the help of her fury friend, Boots. Boots has been by Marcia’s side for 11 years since the passing of her late husband, Sheldon. Together, they have made isolation a little bit easier. This is a unique time even for this 76 year-old, who has never experienced a global pandemic like this before. She recalls the Polio outbreak of the 1950s, but unlike today, there wasn’t a quarantine for that disease.

When asked how she has kept busy among the current climate, Marcia responded by reorganizing her apartment, playing word-find puzzles, and watching I Love Lucy, The View, and numerous crime shows for entertainment.

Something enjoyable that Marcia did during these past few months was having weekly picnics with her two close friends. Every Friday, they order take-out and eat outside of the Klein Life building (6 feet apart, of course).

Looking forward, Marcia cannot wait to eat at restaurants again, visit more friends, and finally get the haircut she has been waiting for!

Thanks Marcia! We are fortunate to have you as resident, and hope you continue to enjoy living at the Rieder House for years to come.

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