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Programs and Activities- Residents Associations

Among the many lifestyle highlights of Federation Housing’s communities are the buildings’ Residents Associations. The Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III Residents Association is emblematic of a well-run and committed Residents Association with the purpose of representing and promoting the interests of all residents living in their community.

The Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III Residents Association was formed in 1989 and its current Executive Board is composed of the following Officers that serve 2-year terms: President- Sandy Popper (an 8- year resident); Vice-President- Connie Berkowitz (a 15 ½ -year resident); Secretary- Ruth Lipschutz (a 7-year resident); Treasurer- Paula Roth (a 25 -year resident). Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month with the general Residents Association meetings held on the last Thursday of each month.

The Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III Residents Association does not charge a membership fee. Through 2 years of generous donations from Councilman Brian O’Neill and through the Residents Associations’ other fundraising efforts including Friday pretzel sales and 50/50 raffles, the Association is able to offer the residents of Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III a variety of low-cost activities and programs that are organized and staffed by volunteer members of a variety of committees. These committees include an Event Planning Committee that organizes holiday parties, Bingo nights and other social activities; a Hospitality committee that offers welcome events and information to new residents and greeting cards, get-well and life-cycle event cards to all residents; a Floor Captain Committee that assists residents with fire safety procedures and a Nominating Committee that nominates new officers. One of the highlights of the year is the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. This luncheon, held off-site, welcomes all the volunteers that work diligently throughout the year on these committees.

The success of the Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III Residents Association is also due to the excellent communication and partnership with the Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III office staff, including facilities personnel, Service Coordinators and Property Manager. It is through this strong sense of teamwork and community that allows the Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III Residents Association to enrich the quality of life for their residents.

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