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Message From Our Chairman

As I get close to completing my second year as Chairman of this terrific organization, not a week goes by where I am not reminded of the wonderful Mitzvah, we are doing for our residents at every property. The programs we sponsor or have brought to us, the meal programs, the transportation and most of all the residences we provide to our less fortunate seniors.

Our committees are supported by our in-house staff, led by Executive Director Eric Naftulin, who continue to raise the bar in every aspect of their respective responsibilities to our Board.

  • Social Services with a new leader, Alyssa Moss, enhancing our resident programs and service at all locations.

  • Fundraising, led by Debbie Zlotnick, driving toward a well-planned series of events for our forthcoming 50th Anniversary Celebrations in addition to seeking grant support of our various quality of life programs.

  • Finance, Investments and Audit Committees supported by Kathy Weircinski and her team, providing sound control of our budgeting, fiscal operations and investments while preparing for the finalization of our newly created Federation Housing Foundation.

  • Staffing/Personnel Committee supported by the Eric and Jane Lahage’s expertise in dealing with the staff and resident issues that arise.

  • Real Estate Committee supported by Shoshana Bannett’s high energy level at seeking out opportunities and new contacts to drive toward our goal of creating hundreds of new residences that drive the core mission of FHI.

  • Facility Committee spearheaded by Jane Lahage and Megan McGinty who the ability to maintain and upgrade our eleven properties at the highest standard for affordable housing in our area.

  • HUD & Tax Credit Compliance is overseen by Jill Whitefield who helps to keep us compliant with the various governmental regulations.

  • Technology & Information Systems is skillfully managed by Asmir Murselovic who helps to maintain all agency computers, electronic systems and databases across the agency.

  • Executive Administrative Support, Housing Inquires & Wait List Management is professionally and meticulously coordinated by Executive Assistant, Sendy Kev who brings energy, patience and skill to her various duties.

I can only tell you all that the abilities that these skilled staff provide to FHI and this Board are what makes this organization so successful. And most of all, I want to thank the many of you that are at a beckon call to any of our staff and participating with these committees and offering your lifetime of expertise. We are indeed truly fortunate to have this Staff and Board that communicate so well together and keep advancing the mission of FHI.

Ed Tannebaum


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