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Building News - Sidewater Apartments

Beginning in May 2018, Sidewater Apartments began extensive renovations and upgrades throughout its campus. We are pleased to report that this large undertaking is mostly completed.

The highlights include upgrades to the bathrooms and kitchens in all apartments, new paint and flooring in the corridors, offices, community room, kitchen, lounge, computer center, laundry room and library/TV room. Upgraded emergency call systems and fire alarm systems were installed along with a new shingle roof, new HVAC units, retrofitting of all common area and exterior lighting with LED lights, power washing the concrete site walls and cleaning the building façade. The last of the items in the final stages of completion are new paving and concrete and new furnishings throughout.

We are proud of our commitment to create and to maintain quality, well- managed housing communities for our seniors that enable Federation Housing to be recognized nationally as a leading provider of affordable housing and services for the low- income elderly.

Please see our before and after slideshow.


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