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In tribute to our Founding Father, Ephraim F. Goldstein

The Federation Housing community records with sorrow the passing of their esteemed colleague and friend whose commitment to creating affordable housing benefited thousands of seniors served by Federation Housing, and whose life work serves as an example of kindness and compassion to the entire community.

Mr. Goldstein founded Federation Housing, Inc. in 1970 with the support and encouragement of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. Along with his wife Claire, of blessed memory, he was a long-time advocate and supporter of affordable housing for seniors. His unyielding commitment helped to create needed homes for seniors throughout the Greater Northeast Philadelphia area. Mr. Goldstein believed in his ability to make an impact and frequently testified in Congressional hearings about the financial burdens facing older adults specifically as it related to housing costs and related living expenses. He was unyielding in his efforts to break down barriers and stereo types often affiliated with the poor and provided hope to those less fortunate across the region.

Mr. Goldstein served as Federation Housing’s Executive Vice President from the agency’s birth in May of 1970 until his retirement in September 1994. Eph. along with a unique and talented team of real estate developers, bankers and philanthropic families worked tirelessly in pursuit of creating new affordable housing opportunities throughout those years. Today, Federation Housing proudly serves nearly 1,500 seniors in eleven beautifully appointed properties each with a blend of supportive services to ensure one’s quality of life.

His dedication and commitment to the needy reflects a life filled with compassion and endless giving to improve the lives of others. Federation Housing, Inc. and our entire community were truly fortunate to have been the beneficiary of Eph’s leadership and enduring tzedakah.

To all those touched by Ephraim; and to all who mourn his passing, the Federation Housing Community offer this expression of profound sympathy. May they find solace in the knowledge that his dedication, generosity and good works will serve as a living tribute to him and will benefit future generations for years to come.

Edward Tannebaum Eric D. Naftulin

President Executive Vice President

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