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Rabbi's Corner - Fall 2019

The American holiday of Thanksgiving gives Americans of all backgrounds the opportunity to come together as a united country.

This is a holiday, which acknowledges the bounty of the harvest, as well as gratitude for blessings of shelter, sustenance, and community.

During this time, let us all be cognizant of the many people in our country who do not have enough to eat, are searching for places to live, are in need of companionship.

At Federation Housing, we reach out to all of our residents, as we offer more than just a “roof over their heads”, but ways to ensure for them a caring, compassionate community.

As Thanksgiving approaches, may you all be blessed with enough food on your table to share, enough shelter to keep you warm during the cold, and enough love in your hearts to spread around.

Wishing you all a Blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving,

Rabbi Sandra R. Berliner

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