Resident Spotlight - Irv and Roberta Lefferts

Kelly Gilbert, Service Coordinator at Samuel Tabas Apartments, recently had the opportunity to speak with long standing residents, Irv and Roberta Lefferts. Kelly had a ball interviewing the pair! Kelly described this as a wonderful opportunity: “They are such a fun-loving couple who were willing to share some words of wisdom with me.”

KG: How long have you two been married?

Irv and Roberta: 51 years- Roberta was 22 and Irv was 25.

KG: How did you meet each other?

Irv: We met on a Blind Date!

Roberta: A gentleman Irv worked with asked if he wanted to go out on a Saturday night…

Irv (interjects and states): …Roberta was there and the rest was history!

KG: What is your secret to being married 51 years?

Irv: You fight and you argue, but you make it work.

KG: What is your philosophy on life?

Irv: Just get by day by day, live your life the best you can, get along with everyone, and a dash of hope to win the lottery!

Roberta: I agree with Irv, try to get along with people, and make the best of everything you can.

KG: How has living at Samuel Tabas Apartments impacted your lives?

Irv and Roberta: We have a good life, we enjoy living here. You get used to things, it’s convenient for everything.

KG: What advice would you give to someone just moving to Samuel Tabas Apartments?

Irv and Roberta: Join in and participate in different things… get involved!

Thanks Irv and Roberta! We hope you continue to call Samuel Tabas your home for years to come.

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