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The Value of Intergenerational Learning

"At the Samuel A. Green House in Elkins Park that is associated with Federation Housing, Inc., a group of residents gather every Thursday afternoon to learn and share their thinking. They have been meeting for about three years, at first under the aegis of Gratz College and now as part of this program. They have explored topics including lessons from the weekly parshah, comparative monotheism, theodicy and When Bad Things Happen to Good People, contemporary issues, stories and legacies of our lives and other subjects along the way. This group includes learners who are in their 70s, 80s and 90s. They are intelligent, insightful, eager to learn and share, and vital.

Research indicates that this sense of vitality and purpose will bode well for people as they age and stave off dementia-related problems. The level of learning is high and we will soon be sharing some of these sessions with other SLLL populations throughout the United States, using the vehicle of the internet learning platform provided by Senior Learning Network out of Kansas City."

Source:, Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein

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