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Case Study: Abramson Senior Care’s Community Nurse Practitioner Program

Since February 2019, Federation Housing has been working with the Abramson Senior Care to promote overall wellness for our residents through their Community Nurse Practitioner Program. Upon referral by a building service coordinator, a nurse practitioner (NP) will come to visit the resident in their home, collaborating with their primary care physician and the resident’s relatives, to ensure overall health and wellness through preventive and ongoing care.

Several residents have benefited from the Abramson’s Community Nurse Practitioner Program, including Mrs. Smith*, whose case study is presented below:

Ms. Smith is 87 years old, has no familial support and has been residing in one of our buildings for over 21 years. Upon moving in, she was able to care for herself without any assistance, but as time went on, Ms. Smith began to decline. Following a stroke, she exhibited mobility and balance problems, leaving her unable to care for herself the way she once did. She was also hesitant to follow hospital discharge instructions or take a proactive role in her health care, and transportation became a challenge. Recognizing this, her building service coordinator referred her to Abramson. Within 48 hours of the referral, a nurse practitioner was out to meet with Mrs. Smith and conduct a complete physical assessment. After collaborating with her primary care physician, a number of recommendations were implemented including: medication adjustments (per NP assistance, prompt, timely delivery of medications from Ms. Smith’s pharmacy was arranged) and referrals for both physical and occupational therapy were made. Additionally, the NP contacted Ms. Smith’s care manager with the Philadelphia Corporation on Aging (PCA) to discuss the need for increased hours with a home health aide. Noticing that Ms. Smith seemed to isolate herself from others, the NP discovered that Ms. Smith often felt lonely. She now attends Abramson Medical Adult Day Center once weekly, where she receives on-site medical support, as well as the opportunity to participate in group activities that provide cognitive stimulation and enjoyment. Where Ms. Smith was once struggling, she is now thriving. The ongoing care she receives from the Abramson Senior Care Nurse Practitioner Program has given her the resources to allow her to continue living independently and with a much-improved quality of life.

If interested in learning more about Abramson Senior Care’s Community Nurse Practitioner Program, please contact the service coordinator in the building in which your loved one resides.

*Name has been changed to respect the privacy of this resident.

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