Rabbi's Corner

Dear Friends, In the Talmudic tract of Avot…”Sayings of our ancestors” there is one sparse line…”Either companionship or death.’ While we never take those words literally, the implication in that sentiment reveals how important personal connection, friendship and human interaction is to all people. During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when people are socially distancing from each other in order to prevent the spread of this deadly disease, the impact of social isolation can be disabling as well. Elder adults, who are the most susceptible to contracting Covid-19 are among those who are also the most sequestered. While it is important to maintain social distancing, it is also imperative

Meet Our Residents

While the pandemic has altered the way in which business is conducted within Federation Housing communities, Marcia Jaffe of the Miriam & Robert M. Rieder Apartment, has not allowed the changes to dull her spirit! Rieder House Service Coordinator Meredith Cohen, describes Marcia as “a pleasure to talk to,” noting that Marcia has always been willing to help her learn since Meredith joined the Federation Housing family back in January. July’s Resident Spotlight is on Marcia Jaffe, who has lived at Rieder House since 2013. Marcia is an active resident of Federation Housing, attending the lunch program, Golden Slipper GEMS events, and the SOWN (Supportive Older Women’s Network) meetings. During

Building News - 2020

The continued presence of COVID-19 in our everyday lives, has necessitated many changes both programmatically and operationally to the Federation Housing community. Based on the CDC publication, Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019, February 2020, Federation Housing has developed and implemented an FHI COVID-19 Policy and Procedure guide. Responsibility for carrying- out these procedures is being handled by two members of our Corporate Staff; Jane Lahage, Director of Operations and Megan McGinty, Facilities Manager. Jane, as lead coordinator, is involved in training of staff regarding appropriate cleaning protocols and use of PPE (Per

Message From Our Executive Vice President

2020: The beginning of a year of great significance to Federation Housing. Fifty years ago in August 1970, Federation Housing Inc. was created to meet the growing need of affordable housing for seniors. Under the pioneering leadership of Founding Executive Director Ephraim F. Goldstein, with the support of the Federation of Jewish Agencies (FJA), coupled with a generous contribution by the Tabas family, FHI opened its first apartment community in the Bells Corner section of Northeast Philadelphia at 2101 Strahle Street in 1974. The Samuel Tabas Apartments with 322 apartment units was quickly filled and has housed thousands upon thousands of needy seniors ever since. As a community, we at

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