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For Federation Housing, the fall brings the promise of a new fiscal year, the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments from the prior year and the chance to rededicate our efforts to our mission of providing quality affordable housing and life enhancing services to our low-income seniors. The hallmark of Federation Housing continues to be the extensive programs and services that are offered to our residents free or at low-cost. Federation Housing “by the numbers”, from our fiscal year ended 8/31/19 is quite impressive: 23,080 annual meals served to 602 unduplicated residents through our Senior Congregate Meal Program, 4,000 round trip rides through our Transportation Program and 170 p

Programs and Activities- Residents Associations

Among the many lifestyle highlights of Federation Housing’s communities are the buildings’ Residents Associations. The Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III Residents Association is emblematic of a well-run and committed Residents Association with the purpose of representing and promoting the interests of all residents living in their community. The Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III Residents Association was formed in 1989 and its current Executive Board is composed of the following Officers that serve 2-year terms: President- Sandy Popper (an 8- year resident); Vice-President- Connie Berkowitz (a 15 ½ -year resident); Secretary- Ruth Lipschutz (a 7-year resident); Treasurer- Paula Roth (a 25 -year resid

Rabbi's Corner - Fall 2019

The American holiday of Thanksgiving gives Americans of all backgrounds the opportunity to come together as a united country. This is a holiday, which acknowledges the bounty of the harvest, as well as gratitude for blessings of shelter, sustenance, and community. During this time, let us all be cognizant of the many people in our country who do not have enough to eat, are searching for places to live, are in need of companionship. At Federation Housing, we reach out to all of our residents, as we offer more than just a “roof over their heads”, but ways to ensure for them a caring, compassionate community. As Thanksgiving approaches, may you all be blessed with enough food on your table to s

Resident Spotlight - Carol Gillard-Gumbs

Interview with Carol Gillard-Gumbs Alexandra: How long you have lived at Goldstein Apartments? Carol: I have lived at Goldstein Apartments for 3 years and 10 months. Alexandra: How has living at Goldstein Apartments impacted your life? Carol: I am living in a building where I feel safe and secure. The location of Goldstein Apartments is ideal because I can walk to many places or catch the bus right out on Bustleton Avenue. There is also a sense of community here where residents and staff look out for one another. Alexandra: What might someone be surprised to know about you? Carol: I worked at Tastykake for 38 years. I loved working there and I worked on every floor and held many different

Building News - Fredda Richman Retirement

Fredda Richman, Service Coordinator at Rieder/Tabas/Center Park III, has retired after over 11 wonderful years with Federation Housing. Through her strong knowledge of community resources and her inherent ability to build lasting professional connections within the community, Fredda remained dedicated to advocating for her residents, doing all that she could to ensure their quality of life and happiness. Fredda came to work every day with the genuine goal of making her residents feel cared for, an ability that came so naturally to her. She approached every day with warmth, kindness, and compassion. Fredda will be greatly missed- We wish her the best of luck as she embarks on her next chapter

Board Member Spotlight - Jerome Glickman

Jerome L. Glickman joined the Federation Housing (FH) board of directors in September 1991. Jerry was encouraged to do so by his friends and colleagues at Golden Slipper where he held numerous leadership positions including; Vice President of the Uptown Home, Summer Camp President, Passover League Vice President and the list goes on. Jerry proudly accepted the Gold Medallion Award for his many years of dedicated service to Golden Slipper and its constituents. Jerry’s board involvement with FH over the years has been largely focused in two keys areas – Insurance and Social Services. In fact, Jerry was instrumental in the board’s creation of a Social Service committee that focuses on residen

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